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(add noc to draft)
Line 132: Line 132: --------------------------------------- 2001:db8:1:4::/64 --------------------------------------- 2001:db8:1:4::/64
=== Proposed Network Diagram noc ===
=== Proposed Network Diagram: add train + noc ===
=== Proposed Network Diagram: add road + noc ===
   LEFT                                                              RIGHT
   LEFT                                                              RIGHT
                  .-----ROAD-----.              TRAIN
      |                | ----+-------------------+------------+-- 2001:db8:0:3::/64
          2001:db8:1:3::209      |                |
                   |                               |
                  |              |                |
              (proposed)                   2001:db8:0:3::254
+ ----|--------------+----+------------+-- 2001:db8:0:3::/64
                   |                   |
                ROAD                            NORTH
                   |          2001:db8:0:3::254
          2001:db8:1:3::209                2001:db8:1:3::33
                  |                NORTH
                   |                               |
                  |     ---+--+--------------------------+--+-- 2001:db8:1:3::/64
                  |          2001:db8:1:3::33
                   |                   |
 + ---+--+----------------+---------+----- 2001:db8:1:3::/64
                       |                          |
                       |                          |
               2001:db8:1:3::254          2001:db8:1:3::253
               2001:db8:1:3::254          2001:db8:1:3::253

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Running tests

The libreswan tests, in testing/pluto, can be run using several different mechanisms:

Test Frameworks
Framework Speed Host Guest Modifies / Notes
Namespaces fast linux linux yes results are host dependent (for instance the host's kernel version)
requires all dependencies, including libreswan, to be installed on /
no systemd tests
KVM slower generic? Fedora, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD no in theory it can be run on any system supporting libvirt/KVM (but only Linux has ever been used)
Docker linux Linux centric using host kernel.
Ideal for build tests.
Can build using various Linux Distributions : CentOS 6, 7, 8, Fedora 28 - rawhide, Debian, Ubuntu.
Also for run tests using systemd.

How tests work

All the test cases involving VMs are located in the libreswan directory under testing/pluto/. The most basic test case is called basic-pluto-01. Each test case consists of a few files:

  • description.txt to explain what this test case actually tests
  • ipsec.conf files - for host west is called west.conf. This can also include configuration files for strongswan or racoon2 for interop testig
  • ipsec.secret files - if non-default configurations are used. also uses the host syntax, eg west.secrets, east.secrets.
  • An init.sh file for each VM that needs to start (eg westinit.sh, eastinit.sh, etc)
  • One run.sh file for the host that is the initiator (eg westrun.sh)
  • Known good (sanitized) output for each VM (eg west.console.txt, east.console.txt)
  • testparams.sh if there are any non-default test parameters

Once the test run has completed, you will see an OUTPUT/ directory in the test case directory:

$ ls OUTPUT/
east.console.diff  east.console.verbose.txt  RESULT       west.console.txt          west.pluto.log
east.console.txt   east.pluto.log            swan12.pcap  west.console.diff  west.console.verbose.txt
  • RESULT is a text file (whose format is sure to change in the next few months) stating whether the test succeeded or failed.
  • The diff files show the differences between this testrun and the last known good output.
  • Each VM's serial (sanitized) console log (eg west.console.txt)
  • Each VM's unsanitized verbose console output (eg west.console.verbose.txt)
  • A network capture from the bridge device (eg swan12.pcap)
  • Each VM's pluto log, created with plutodebug=all (eg west.pluto.log)
  • Any core dumps generated if a pluto daemon crashed
configuration files installed on guest machines
shell scripts used by tests, and run on the guest
list of tests, and their expected outcome
individual test directories
executables used by tests, and run on the guest
filters for cleaning up the test output
test drivers and other host tools
certificates, scripts are run on a guest

Network Diagrams

Fine Print

  • interface-0 (eth0, vio0, vioif0) is connected to SWANDEFAULT which has a NAT gateway to the internet
    • the exceptions are the Fedora test domains: EAST, WEST, ROAD, NORTH; should they?
    • the BSD domains always up inteface-0 so that /pool, /source, and /testing can be NFS mounted
    • NIC needs to run DHCP on eth0 manually; how?
    • transmogrify does not try to modify interface-0(SWANDEFAULT) (it breaks established network sessions such as NFS)
  • the interface names do not have consistent order (see comment above about Fedora's interface-0 not pointing at SWANDEFAULT)
    • Fedora has ethN
    • OpenBSD has vioN (different order)
    • NetBSD has vioifN (different order)

Network Diagram

 LEFT                                                              RIGHT -----+-------------------------------+-- 2001:db8:0:3::/64
                 ROAD                            NORTH
             2001:db8:1:3::209               2001:db8:1:3::33
                   |                               | ----+----------------+--------------+-- 2001:db8:1:3::/64
                                    | ---+------------------+-------------+--- 2001:db8:1:2::/64
                 |                                |
           2001:db8:1:2::45                 2001:db8:1:2::23
               WEST---[swandefault(0)]          EAST---[swandefault(0)]
           2001:db8:0:1::254                2001:db8:0:2::254
                 |                                |
                 |      ---+--- 2001:db8:0:2::/64
                 | --+------------------------------------ 2001:db8:0:1::/64 --------------------------------------- 2001:db8:1:4::/64

Proposed Network Diagram: add train + noc

 LEFT                                                              RIGHT
                  .-----ROAD-----.               TRAIN
      |                 |
          2001:db8:1:3::209      |                 |
                  |              |                 | ----|--------------+----+------------+-- 2001:db8:0:3::/64
                  |                   |
                  |           2001:db8:0:3::254
                  |                 NORTH
                  |           2001:db8:1:3::33
                  |                   | ---+--+----------------+---------+----- 2001:db8:1:3::/64
                     |                          |
             2001:db8:1:3::254          2001:db8:1:3::253
                    NIC---swandefault(0)       NOC---swandefault(0)
             2001:db8:1:2::254          2001:db8:1:2::253
                     |                          | ---+---+--------------------------+-+--- 2001:db8:1:2::/64
                 |                                |
         2001:db8:1:2::45                 2001:db8:1:2::23
               WEST---[swandefault(0)]          EAST---[swandefault(0)]
         2001:db8:0:1::254                2001:db8:0:2::254
                 |                                |
                 |      ---+--- 2001:db8:0:2::/64
                 | --+------------------------------------ 2001:db8:0:1::/64 --------------------------------------- 2001:db8:1:4::/64

Older diagrams

Hand Sketch of Current Network


Original Network Diagram