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This is a quick guide to run libreswan tests under namespace. Be aware. the host would get lots of packages, need sudo without password permission

pre requists on the host

sudo without password

to check run "sudo bash -c true" if it does not ask for password you are good!

install testrun dependencies

# pre install check
sudo bash -c true
sudo make install-rpm-dep
make nsinstall #remember this will install special pluto on your host!!

run the test

#as single test
cd /home/build/libresswan/testing/pluto/basic-pluto-01
../../utils/nsrun --ns

#as testrun
cd /home/build/libreswan/
# another important step generate x509 certifcates
cd /home/build/libreswan/testing/x509/ && ./dist_certs.py && cd /home/build/libreswan/
make nsrun

useful alias/fuction

    nsargs="--mount=/run/mountns/${ns} --net=/run/netns/${ns} --uts=/run/utsns/${ns}";
    NSENTER_CMD="/usr/bin/nsenter ${nsargs} ";
    sudo ${NSENTER_CMD} /bin/bash
to enter 
NSENTER east-basic-pluto-01

Details of Namespace testing