Toronto 2018 meetup

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  • killing MAST
  • Killing KLIPS

- Disable KLIPS per default

- Announce KLIPS will be removed first release after Feburary 2019

  • Changing shunts



  • technical debt
  • testing using lightweight namespaces
  • IKEv2 state name changes
  • get state names out of enduser logging
  • remove duplicate / similar logging functions
  • logging to stderrlog or file
  • Cleanup debug log messages that serve no good purpose anymore
  • openwrt build / patched to upstream including all architectures
  • logging groups too many and not used
  • time data structures and complexity
  • addconn thread work being done inline in pluto
  • microstates
  • compile without ikev1 support
  • remove biddown ikev1/ikev2
  • conn being ikev1 or ikev2 not both.
  • shunks, chunks and other strings.
  • pluto interface / ip discovery (bind to ANY)
  • howto IKEv2 proplsals properly with existing
  • enduser usability - simpler interface. (eg type=profile)
  • compress for IKEv2 is broken
  • simpler command tool / what to do whack / auto
  • webgui discussion
  • EAP-TLS and EAP-mschapv2 architecture, design external or internal
  • XAUTH payload padding and Checkpoint
  • IKEv1 duplicate messages
  • IPv6 addresspool
  • VTI and/or XFRMi support and obsoleting VTI or not
  • Talk about Test Suite improvements
  • teardown case for tests
  • Storing packets for multiple exchanges at once to support simultanious exchange
  • cleanup msgid to not require so many ntoh() / hton()
  • Using reqid from ACQUIRE to improve find_host_connection
  • split IKE_INIT from connection ???
  • IKE_AUTH traffic selector mismatch handling
  • MULTIPLE_AUTH / EAP support
  • childless IKE SA
  • Bug reporting github vs other
  • Known issues file ?
  • Introducing travis  ?
  • Introducing Coverity
  • Website redo ? more HOWTO docs?
  • phase out asn1.h
  • merge in IKE_REDIRECT
  • merge in TCP support
  • XFRM bogus policy bug
  • Function names ikev2_* to v2_*
  • add ipsec auto/whack command that does parent-rekey and child-rekey
  (can be used for hardwarefailover when IKE state is synced between nodes(