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Support is available for libreswan as well as openswan and migrations from openswan to libreswan.

Free Community based Support

Free community support for is available via the Mailing Lists and on the Libera.Chat IRC channel #libreswan

This support is done on a volunteer basis. Note that most libreswan developers have full time jobs and live in various worldwide time zones, so if you ask a question via email or irc, be prepared to wait before expecting a response. If you have an urgent problem that cannot wait, consider one of the commercial support options.

Hiring libreswan developers for commercial support has the added benefit that you are contributing to the efforts of improving libreswan for everyone.

Commercial Support

If you are using a commercial Linux vendor, you might already be covered for commercial support on libreswan

While everyone can offer commercial support for libreswan, we recommend support from our core developers. Currently, the following core developers are available for commercial support:

- Foobar Oy (Finland, Tuomo Soini,]

- No Hats Corporation (Canada, Paul Wouters,

- Phenome (The Netherlands, Antony Antony,

(contact if you offer commercial support and would like to be listed here)