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"ipsec ca" command:

In order to simplify the creation and management of certificates for use with Libreswan, the 'ipsec ca' command is proposed. A generalized use case would be a VPN gateway with roadwarriors that occasionally need to be replaced and added to, where the issuing CA is standalone, specific to the gateway (ie. not a previously issued organizational sub CA). We should not allow a lot of specific certificate customization with these commands

calling ipsec ca, the ipsec script runs $FINALLIBEXECDIR/_ipsec_ca which is a python2.7 script, that calls on certutil and crlutil

  1. ipsec ca --new-ca

initializes sql:/var/lib/ipsec/ and creates a new self-signed CA with its private key in the database. options: --subject "CN=gateway,O=company,OU=security" --months X Other extensions? emailaddr, dns name, crl/ocsp dist points

Command to run: certutil -S -k rsa -g 4096 -n "{CN from --subject}" -s "{--subject}" -v {--months} -t "CT,," -x -d sql:/var/lib/ipsec

some extension options would be: -4 crl -7 emailAddrs -8 DNS-names OCSP ext uses --extAIA

  1. ipsec ca --new-host
  2. ipsec ca --new-crl
  3. ipsec ca --revoke