Helsinki 2013 meetup

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This meetup was hosted by Tuomo Soini. Besides Tuomo, this meeting was attended by Antony Antony, D. Hugh Redelmeier, Paul Wouters, Kim and Mika.

Agenda items


Testing Harness do we want to integrate with CISCO?

crypto boundary and certification

ECC support for IKE and ESP

/etc/ipsec.d ASN.1/PEM and and NSS / openssl

Linux Secure Tunnel interface support

pluto and DNS(SEC)

Logging cleanup

Retransmit timings

New OE

interface listening, binding, updating


ipsec eroute and ipsec auto --status replacement

remove DEBUG switch for userland, possibly also klips. always set

Status of IKEv2

IKEv1 / IKEv2 disentanglment

Website user and dev documentation

Network Manager / whack API

webca management with addresspool

git branch/tree policies review


Feature matrix: strongswan vs libreswan


state machine explination

Specific Bug issues

Makefile.depend.linux : do we really need it in git? when i locally re-generate it is different.

Connection validations: check invalid combinations when loading connections. eg Con without matching CERT in NSS db. subnet(s) & addresspool. Where is the appropriate place to do it? addcon or starterwhack.c - set_whack_end . If it is whack we already parsed the "also" conn lines we may be able to generate warnings/errors