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  • Web gui management interface
  • EAP
  • NetworkManager applet for ikev2 client
  • VTI interface reference counting for vti-shared=no
  • VTI policy routing support
  • Finalize IKEv2 Config Payload client support
  • Easy letsencrypt support
  • IKEv2 Session Resumption support (RFC5723)
  • IKE SA rekeying
  • MOBIKE Server and client support
  • Add RFC-7427 Signature Authentication support to IKEv2
  • curve25519 support
  • chacha20poly1305
  • eddsa
  • Implement TCP Encapsulation of IKE Packets
  • Implement TCP Encapsulation of IPsec Packets
  • xfrm acquires for Max bytes and Max packets
  • IKEv2 Config Payload Split DNS and domain support
  • Implement IKE/ESP over TLSv1.2+
  • Convert PAM auth to use helper processes
  • Populate from packet (PFP)
  • Netlink routing table read/write in pluto
  • Apple mobile profile support
  • Support mixed IPv4 and IPv6 tunnels in same config
  • IKEv1 auto disable when it is not used
  • Fixup ikev2= keywords to keyexchange=ikev[12]
  • Fixup narrowing bugs
  • Implement replacement for CK_INSTANCE of non-instance tunnels like narrowing
  • Implement reauth and rekey as separate things
  • Make transport mode rfc compliant for ikev2
  • IKEv2 selinux labeled ipsec support
  • Port exceptions for Opportunistic IPsec
  • DBUS support for logging and configuration
  • OpenNRHP support
  • Kerberos/GSSAPI