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Libreswan testing suite docker adventures.

Everything below runs as root on Fedora 26

Setting up the host


The swantest need Python 3.3 or later. It is necessary for subprocess to deal with 100s of threads/processes. Also pexpect is works better in 3.3.

#swantest depend on python 3.3 or later
dnf install python3-setproctitle python3-pexpect

# install docker image of Fedora 28

dnf -y install docker

systemctl start docker.service
systemctl enable docker.service

wget -O /usr/local/bin/pipework  https://github.com/jpetazzo/pipework/raw/master/pipework
chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/pipework

cd /home/build/
# clone an up to date libreswan tree from somewhere to  /home/build/

cd /home/build/libreswan/testing/docker/
# check authorized_keys file edit or add your your keys in there

cd /home/build/libreswan 
sudo make DISTRO=fedora DISTRO_REL=28 docker-image

# coffee break. It will download Fedora 28 + about 200 packages. It may take 15 minutes or more
# my experience on blueswan real 15m18.893s user 0m0.123  sys 0m0.057s

# make sure the host has netkey stack loaded 
ipsec _stackmanager start --netkey
ipsec version |grep klips && echo you need netkey

cd /home/build/libreswan/
cd /home/build/libreswan/testing/pluto/ikev2-37-docker-rw
../../utils/swantest --docker

iptables  -F ; the iptable rules on host and docker may interfere with IKE or ESP

setup tcpdump permissions on the host


Docker related diagnostics commands

# show running docker containers
docker ps -a 

# check if you have a proper docker installation?
docker images

# stop ALL containers 
docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

# if your tests it create a bunch of bridge devices too. Not all of them are cleaned up.

brctl show

Check if you got correct image

cd /home/build/libreswan/testing/docker

docker build -t swanbase .

root@jes:/home/build/libreswan/testing/docker# docker images
REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             VIRTUAL SIZE
swanbase            latest              d02d76e98391        2 days ago          2.986 GB
docker.io/fedora    22                  ded7cd95e059        3 months ago        186.5 MB

Manually update the swanbase (base docker image)

Start the docker image by hand. Note this instance will have access to network, via bridge docker0

docker run -h swan --privileged  --name swan -v /home/build/libreswan:/home/build/libreswan -v /sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup:ro -d swanbase /usr/sbin/init

docker exec -ti swan /bin/bash 
dnf -y update 

# now commit the images as tag swanbase.

docker ps ; to see image id 

docker commit <docker id> swanbase

# to stop this instance
docker stop --time=1 swan
docker rm swan


# currently support install rpms (on both initiator and responder). May be separate options so can have different version on both sides. # Add strongswan package or just install runtime? or keep different image? # delete brige interfaces after the test is done # option to clean up all bridges? # make install for docker. support "ipsec start" in Docker